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    Sea Salt Hand Scrub Treatment (8oz)

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    Sveda's Cleansing and Rejuvenating scrub, followed by a replenishing and softening moisturizing cream, will leave your hands soft and tingling fresh. It is like an instant rebirth of baby skin, and over time your hands and skin will start looking younger, fresher and silky smooth. Once you start using Sveda's Salt Scrub regime, you will see such a marked difference that you will become a fan and will be shaking hands with great confidence.

    The salt scrub system works as an excellent exfoliater, cleanser, and an anti-oxidant. It penetrates and effectively removes dead skin cells,tightens your skin and has anti-wrinkle properties. The deep penetrating moisturizer leaves skin rejuvenated, soft, and silky smooth while protecting your salt treated skin.


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