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    Welcome to the world of Organic Care

    Sveda welcomes you to the world of choice. It’s a choice between our 100 percent organic line and our HP-Line. We know and understand that in this world both products play a part in look and performance and we offer both. You choose what is best for you.  We will be honest and upfront about what’s in our products and when we say it’s organic, it’s 100 percent organic.  If you use our HPL (high performance line) to reach a certain look, we recommend you use the aftercare with the organic performance line (OPL) to rebuild, replenish and reawaken your hair on days you have off. You can also use it daily.

    Our argan oil and upcoming organic performance products are top of the line when it comes to rebuilding the hair shaft to the dried, frayed ends of your locks. When reaching that glam look, our high performance line brings perfection and photos of that night are memorable. Plant based so natural as possible, yet High performing to bring the ultimate in quality and overall style.