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    Ron Dumra - Founder, Chairman and President

    Ranjan(Ron) Dumra is the Founder, Chairman and President of Sveda Organics, Inc. and started this family owned business because he felt a need to support his wife’s business in India with high quality Organic and Natural beauty products that would represent American Science and Ayurveda, which is the ancient medical science from India.  His vision was to make the line available in the US, India and later the rest of the world.  Being passionate about hair and hair loss, that is where we are concentrating our initial efforts to bring real solutions and benefits to our customers.  You can be rest assured that the products that would be brought to you would be well researched, quality, natural and also organic when feasible.mail order bride take my online class

    Ron Dumra co-founded Diverse Maintenance Solutions, Inc., which is located in Blaine, Minnesota in 1989. His past experience includes working at a senior management level in the financial services industry, mid-management in a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company and in the industrial chemical manufacturing and distribution market segments.
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    Ron is an entrepreneur having developed or consulted in the development of business opportunities ranging from financial services to product distribution. Ron has been highly recognized with awards in sales, business strategy development, leadership, and business growth across multiple industries with major Fortune 500 firms.

    Ron has consistently worked in a capacity that allowed him to mentor staff, develop tools that enable others success, and driving business growth with and through others. He has been highly involved in a number of community outreach programs supporting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation, the Leukemia Society and has been an associate member of the Minnesota Pharmacy Association.

    Ron maintains a residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota and travels extensively as part of his current international business development responsibilities. Ron holds an undergraduate degree in economics and a Masters Diploma in Management with a focus in Marketing and Sales. In his spare time Ron enjoys outdoor activities, is an avid oarsman, swimmer, table tennis player, and golfer. Ron also completed a marathon supporting the Leukemia Society of Minnesota and was Captain of the Rowing Team that won the Inter-collegiate Rowing Championship.